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To say the angels sang in heaven when I found Reverb Consulting would not be an oversell.  I had tried to work with a number of website & SEO companies prior to meeting them, and each experience was worse than the last.  When I finally met Thomas & David with Reverb, it was like a perfect match. I love their practice of putting relationship over profits, understanding that the true value in their service is not just the technical stuff, but how wonderfully they treat their clients.

Amy van Meijl, B.Env.D. |  Dutch Touch Interiors

HEOT has been working with Reverb Consulting for over a year now. Thomas Hamilton and his team designed our website to our satisfaction meeting all our needs. When we had problems with our Host they took it over until was resolved. We highly recommend them to anyone needing website design and management

Betty Anne Stevenson |  President at HEOT

I would like to say that Reverb Consulting has exceeded all expectations. They have made the process of making a web site for my company stress free. Reverb Consulting was very easy to deal with and listened to all of my thoughts for the web site, good or not. They were able to take what was in my head and put it towards the web site.  

M Riley |  President at Riley Tree Care

Reverb Consulting is my go-to team for all client projects. They are simply incredible to work with, and always deliver what and when they say they will. When my clients need digital marketing, they are always my first call!

Alex Schlinsky |  President at Sky Social Media

Even though we are a full-service digital agency, we still frequently make use of Reverb Consulting for important projects. Reverb Consulting's ability to understand all of the different channels deeply and tie them together into a cohesive strategy is a business changer. With Reverb Consulting, you get incredible strategy, executed efficiently and on time, all while dealing with a friendly and knowledgeable team!

Tim Mischuk |  President at Maven Social

Honesty & Care - The foundation on which we've built our business. We believe that to honour our customers we need to approach them with the humility to be honest about our capacity to help and the dedication to care for them through the whole process. From start to finish, we want you to trust us to take on your business and feel properly cared for the entire time.

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About us

Reverb Consulting is an Ontario based marketing company with a primary focus on website design and digital marketing campaigns. We look to build constructive and engaged relationships with you, affording us candour in our assessments, transparency in our methodology, and success in our efforts.

What we offer

There are lots of ways we can help our clients out. Here are a couple of our many services

services includes

Digital Marketing

Search, Social and much more - Find new clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Local, Global, Voice - Get found online

Web Development

eCommerce, Small Business, Enterprise - All Sizes

You're in good hands

The marketing landscape changes daily. Keeping on top of all the current trends is impossible. Forget trying to see what's coming next, just focusing on what is available today is difficult. That's why we do that work for you. We spend countless hours looking into all the modern, present day, marketing techniques and figure out what works for each business. We then bring those options to you, allowing you to make an informed decision for your business.

Why work with Us?

Because you want more than average.

How to differentiate us.

How we stand out compared to the competition

Your business has unique needs, and to care for it accordingly, we have made it our mission to keep on top of all available tools and platforms. Allowing us the unique ability to choose the tool for the job and not force you into our prefered option. Our business is about providing you with individual care, not templated indifference. We are relationship builders, and we want to understand the heart of who you are and what you represent. You matter to us.

Are we right for you?

Reputation is more important than money

Our clients are people we invest in and to do so; we strive to buil long-term relationships. We look to work with people who will see u as partner with them for success and need help determining thei digital needs. We are best suited for small - medium sized businesse with no internal marketing team. With our commitment to honesty and care, sometimes we have to admit we are not the right company for you. If this is the case, we can happily put you in contact with another



What size of companies does Reverb Consulting work with?


Reverb works with small to midsize companies and is fully equipped to handle companies of these sizes needs. Companies without a senior advertising position, companies that don't want to spend the costs of hiring a marketing expert, or companies that are looking to make use of our expertise on a specific project are the best fit.


What industries or sectors does Reverb Consulting create marketing strategies for?


Reverb traditionally works across many industries with a recent focus on eCommerce. However, Reverb Consulting is always willing to take on unique industries if we are confident in ensuring our clients success.


What will an initial discussion and quote cost me?


Nothing at all! Reverb provides free initial consulting calls to establish if we are the right fit for your business.

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