Who is Reverb Consulting?

Thomas Hamilton
May 2, 2019

In short; Reverb Consulting is a Digital Marketing Agency. However, this doesn’t tell you much about us.

There are numerous Digital Marketing Agencies in the world, and even more freelancers, all with capable skill sets. If you’re looking for digital marketing, there are a multitude of options for you to explore.

So, this begs the question: What makes us different? It’s a good question. It’s a fair question. It’s a question that we ask of any service provider we hire. However, our answer might surprise you.

The most straightforward answer would be because we’re great at what we do, but, that requires layering objective metrics on top of subjective needs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while all of our clients love the look of the sites we build, our style may not be your cup of tea. While we might be adept at using Google Adwords; there might be no search volume for your product or services. There are lots of factors that go into creating the ideal service provider, and the truth is, they are all tied to your particular business needs.

“Ok… So what makes you different?” – you
Simple. We provide Honest Care.

We build strong relationships with our clients, allowing mutual trust and openness. This transparency enables our clients to see the inner cogs of their projects while we provide candid insights on the progress. This feedback loop obligates to speak up if we uncover inefficiency, ensuring our clients that we are offering the best care possible; care that is in their best interest, not just ours. In some situations, this means recommending other service providers or turning down work. If this becomes a necessary step, we are willing to take it.

How does this play out in a practical sense? Instead of forcing clients to use our prefered services or tools, we spend absurd amounts of time learning as many platforms and devices possible so that when a client brings us a challenge, we can meet it with the appropriate tool for the job, not our prefered tool. It means we won’t sell you AdWords if it doesn’t work for your business. We don’t just sell WordPress because it’s easy to build. And, we don’t force you into our preset service packages because it’s easier for us to manage and sell. It assures you that we will guide you towards solutions that are in your benefit, and that will continue to work for you long after we are gone.

Couple that Honest Care with our team of skilled and knowledgeable employees and you get a group of people that you want to work alongside. A team who can deliver you success and guide decisions in your interest. A partner who cares whether you succeed or not and a friend, who helps you create reverberations in the marketplace.

If you want to learn more about how we can care for you, we would be happy to talk!